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Dr. Sanghamitra Patnaik 


It is a memorable occasion when we examine our own past footprints. In the context of present steps of development have various steps. Development is not a hasty rapid process. If it is so hasty and we go for quickening the process.
Aiming at its immediate result. Some time present will be comfortable but future will be full of shocks. So we must proceed for that in a gradual manner to attain that intended goal and destination. In order to achieve that intended ultimate attainment we must examine every time our own footprints. Celebrating founders day, remembering the lineage of traditional knowledge sources.
Honouring those who contributed a lot for the development of our own institution are such great movements where we have ample occasions opportunities too. Re-correct our past and restate, rewrite, rededicate for that intended cost. Now I am very happy because sushrutha Ayurveda study and research centre in this Prashanti Campus emerging as a centre for rejuvenation and rededication and innovation in that vedanga called ayurvijnana.
In our tradition Ayurveda is considered to be Upaveda of Rigveda. Some people opine that Upaveda of Atharva Veda. But however it Vedanga of that great storage of highest cognitive achievements of this landoriginated from Rishi Parampara.
In that context for every traditional source of knowledge, we have pioneers from Rishi tradition. Anything called veda and Vedanga it is originated from the great Rishis like Sapta Rishis, Ekadasha Manus are great visionaries of veda tradition where we can see hundreds of such great Rishis and Rishikas.
Rishika in the sense female visionaries of Vedic traditions like Vishvawara, Siniwali, Gargi, Vachaknavi, Maitreyi etc. This type of tradition which we inherited in Bharath. We feel proud of it that we have been interested to maintain this tradition intact by passing into new generation.


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