95th Life skill Training Workshop

Report on Workshop:

Day 1: Morning Session- Registration Started at 9:30 AM

11AM- 12PM- Inauguration of the Workshop by the dignitaries from RGUHS, Govt. of Karnataka and NIMHANS Bengaluru.

Dignitaries were- Dr.S.Sacchidanand, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, RGUHS, Bengaluru.

                           K.V Khadri Narasimhaiah, Regional Director of NSS, Bengaluru.

  Dr.Girish. N.Dean of faculty, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

  Dr.Vasantha Shetty.B. NSS Programme Co-ordinator, RGUHS,Bengaluru.

              Dr.Pradeep.B.S Additional Professor,Dept. of Epidemiology, NIMHANS.

Followed by Questionnaire regarding Life skill Programme.

Day 1: Afternoon Session:

  • Introduction of Yuva Spandana Programme by the Co-Ordinator
  • Completion of Questionnaire.
  • Visit to NIMHANS Campus about all the departments and Museum.

Day 2: 

  • Life Skills Training and Counselling Service Programme: Project overview.
  • Facilitation Skills presentation by Dr.Pradeep.B.S Additional Professor, 
  • Kolb’s Learning Process.
  • Johari Window.
  • Boundary management.
  • Official Secret act.
  • Evidence based feedback- Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Day 3: Total day Sessions were engaged by- Mr.Madaiah and Ms.Srividya

  • Coping with Emotions.
  • Emotions-Indicators, Impact Presentation
  • Altered Ego.
  • Explanation about Navarasa.
  • Self-management by Positive and Negative Emotions.
  • Coping with Stress.
  • Enacting on the topic Stress.
  • Communication-Perspective and Frame of reference.

Day 4: Total day Session were engaged by- Mrs. Chitra Sridhar and Mr.Mutharaju.A.

  • Communication Skills
  • Mirror image activity.
  • Self-management.
  • Activities on Stress management.

Day 5: Total day Session were engaged by- Mrs. Meena Jain, Psychotherapist.

  • Critical thinking
  • Writing our name with meaning.
  • Makeup the person with only newspaper.
  • Food items designing.
  • Making star with rope.
  • Marble games-Counting marbles.
  • Critical decision making.
  • Tieng the balloon to the ankle and run.

Day 6: 

  • 9AM-12PM: All the participants were made into 10 Groups and asked to present 10 Life skills with different activities and the observations were done by the participants only, feedback was recorded by the facilitators.
  • 12PM-1PM: Overall feedback about the workshop was taken by the Programme Co-Ordinator’s.
  • 2PM-4PM-Post session questionnaire and Certificate distribution was done by the Programme Officers.

  Overall Programme was Well received by all the Participants at workshop and those were most memorable days that all of us spent together in learning the life skills.


I hereby Thank our Director Dr.B.R.Ramakrishna, and Principal Dr.Sanghamitra Patnaik, and the management for giving me an opportunity to attend this workshop.

I also thank our NSS team and the faculty of Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College for supporting in all the way to attend the workshop.  



N.S.S.Programme Officer

Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College 


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