08:27 PM- Students and 4 teachers[ Dr.Sunitha, Dr.Harish Babu, Dr.Nischal, Dr.Akshata] depart from S-VYASA campus to Udupi.


All the students and staff arrive at udupi, mathura comforts hotel at 6:40AM. After freshening up, they all depart for Alva’s Ayurvedic Medical College at 9:02AM . They reached the college at 11:10am and assemble at the shobavana at 11:30AM . At the entrance ,all 81 students are divided into 3 groups .Each group is accompanied by a faculty staff and a post graduate from Alva’s and a DG staff
member from Sushrutha AMC.Some of the plants observed at the shobavana were-


01. सरल
02. पिप्पपल
03. नगपलन्ग िष्प
04. सर्
05. नागकशर
06. कदम्ब
07. मरीच
08. कतकी
09. रक्त चन्दन
10. िारन्ति
11. सरिन्नाग
12. रार्िाठा
13. रुद्राक्षी
14. भपनम्ब
15. गन्ध प्रसररणी
16. र्ल ब्रह्मी
17. मण्डकिणी
18. पिज्जल
19. रक्त पचत्रक
20. ित्रन्र्ीव
21. नीपल
22. सरयक
23. सप्तचक्र


37. स्पतिणी
38. चन्द्रवट
39. श्लष्ातक
40. पिल्व
41. स्नपि
42. त्वक
43. वन्ति किील
44. वचा
45. आसन
46. किर
47. अिरापर्ता
48. रास्ना
49. पवपभतपक
50. वक्षाम्ल
51. श्वत ििपत
52. िन्नाग
53. आम्रातक
54. िदर
55. करमद
56. िाम

24. शणिष्पी
25. काक उदम्बर
26. मधनापशपन
27. शतावरी
28. िन्तिकण
29. ित्राङ्ग
30. क्षद्र र्म्ब
31. रामफल
32. िाररभद्र
33. पसन्दरर
34. लकच
35. Coscinium fenestratum
36. Cashew[Anacardium occidentale] 57. िाम्भद्र
58. नोपन
59. खपदर
60. नील अिामग
61. गम्भारी
62. र्ावपत्र
63. Arrowroot
64. Cerbara odollam
65. Cinnamomum zeylanica
66. Grewia serrulata
67. Strobilanthus ciliata

After exiting shobavana ,at 1:12 pm ,they all left for Alva’s pharmacy. The students were divided into three groups again and the pharmacy tour started at 1:30pm . Observations at the pharmacy were-

• Storage of liquid preparations in wooden barrels ,plastic drums ,porcelain jars etc.
• Pulverisers
• Dry drug storage in bags
• Fermenters
• Boilers and reactors
• Furnace
• Oil preparation
• Tray dryers
• Tablet compressing machine
• Liquid filling machine
• Tablet coating machine
• Manual packaging
• Central store for storage of finished goods

• Quality control facility

2:30 PM They left Alva’s Pharmacy and had lunch between 2:40-3:40PM and left for Padubidri beach . They reached the beach at 4:50PM and departed from there at 6:50PM .Upon reaching the hotel again, they all left for darshan at the krishna matha. After darshan, they left for dinner at a nearby restaurant and came back to settle in for the night.


6:40AM The students and teachers check out and depart from the hotel. They stop for breakfast at hotel prakash and continue for Sakaleshpura. They reach the Manjarabad fort by 12:40PM and depart from there at 2:20PM. After a brief lunch break at hotel surabhi , they depart for Belur. They reach the Chennakeshava temple,Belur at 4:40PM. They depart from the temple at 6:15PM. They stop for a dinner break at hotel mayura at 7:30PM . After dinner, they all start to get back to S-VYASA at 9:15PM.

2:50AM They reach the S-VYASA campus at 2:50AM . The campus hostelites return safely to their rooms while the day scholars stay back in the campus for the night in the provided rooms to go back at a more reasonable hour.